Undermonitored Regions Working Group (URWG)

Introducing the Undermonitored Regions Working Group (URWG)

Cybersecurity Challenges Addressed: Africa and Latin America We believe that no region should be left behind in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. That's why we're launching this private, invite-only initiative dedicated to addressing the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by often-neglected regions like Africa and Latin America.

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Our Global Mission and Focus

Our mission transcends geographical boundaries. While we focus on undermonitored regions, we also track and address state-sponsored cyber threats emerging globally. We aim to foster technical research collaboration and harness our collective expertise to identify new threats and devise effective countermeasures against them.

SentinelLabs: Our Commitment to Open Sharing

SentinelLabs embodies our commitment to sharing openly with the global cybersecurity community. We provide tools, context, and insights to strengthen our collective mission of a safer digital life for all. Our dedication to this cause is unwavering.

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We’re seeking security researchers, intelligence analysts, and individuals passionate about understanding and improving the cybersecurity landscape. Our goal is to expand our efforts through unconventional means by pooling our knowledge and technical prowess to nurture a digital future that supports less-monitored parts of the world.

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