Eoin Wickens

Rage against the machine (learning): A cross section of attacks on AI systems

The field of Artificial Intelligence continues to progress at a rapid pace. We routinely see new products and technologies built both for and around AI, and incorporated into things we know and perhaps even love. However, with new advances comes unforseen hurdles – including some which will sound a little too familiar. In this talk, we’ll look at a brief cross section of recent attacks on AI systems and the tech that underpins it.

Eoin Wickens is the Technical Research Director – Field at HiddenLayer, where he spends his time researching and talking about security for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Previously, he has worked in threat research, threat intelligence and malware reverse engineering and has been published over a dozen times, including co-authoring a book on defence against Cobalt Strike. Eoin has spoken at conferences such as BSides San Fransisco, DEFCON AI Village and 44CON and proudly supports the Irish cybersecurity community as a south chapter member lead of Cyber Ireland.