Kyle Creyts

WORKSHOP: We all share a brain – managing your intelligence organization through Synapse (Workshop)

Synapse is a versatile central intelligence and analysis system built on an open source foundation and created to support analyst teams in every stage of the intelligence life cycle.

After taking a quick tour of the philosophy of the system, we’ll talk about the parts of the data model most likely to be of interest to strategic, tactical, and operational analysts. We’ll do a few exercises from each of these perspectives, and demonstrate how Synapse can enable analysts and algorithms to answer complex questions which require the fusion of data sets from disparate sources that span multiple disciplines. And then we’ll talk about model elements of interest to management, and experiment with patterns for coordinating and automating most parts of your intelligence program through Synapse and integrated systems.

Kyle Creyts is a Lead for Threat Intelligence at Coinbase, designing and operating systems for discovering, profiling, tracking, and disrupting advanced or emergent threats to cryptocurrency ecosystem participants. Of late, his focus has been on  state-sponsored (or are they sponsoring the state?) groups engaged in various schemes to self-fund and evade sanctions. 

He has more than 10 years of experience building technology and teams to perform network forensics, malware detection, intelligence analysis, and incident response, mostly for recognizable tech brands.