Kris McConkey

Chasing Shadows: The rise of a prolific espionage actor

The proliferation of tooling such as ShadowPad across China-based APT actors and the existence of digital quartermasters has long been a feature of public reporting, and a strong indication of ultimate actor sponsorship, based on US indictments and adjacent research. 

One of these actors, however, stands out for its technical capabilities, rapid operational tempo, and global reach. Red Scylla combines access to shared tools with sophisticated custom capabilities, aggressive scanning of targets across the globe, and substantial resources, enabling it to compromise public and private sector victims spanning three continents. This talk will detail the rise and operations of a dominant player in the international corporate espionage world.

Kris leads PwC’s Global Cyber Threat Intelligence practice, which tracks a wide variety of targeted threat actors operating from more than 25 countries.

Kris also leads the EMEA Cyber Threat Operations practice – a front line technical services group responsible for a portfolio of defensive and offensive cyber security services to help clients detect and respond to cyber security threats and incidents. He has spent the past 17 years at PwC delivering cyber incident response, threat hunting and threat research services to global clients.