Joe FitzPatrick

Putin’s getting jiggy with his Bomb BoM diggy diggy

For the past few years, sourcing electronics components anywhere in the world has been a nightmare for everyone, regardless of nationality and long before considering the impact of any war-related sanctions.

When Politico recently published what they called “Russias War Tech Shopping List”, the reporting was optimistic that sanctions would keep critical components out of Russian hands, but deeper analysis of the list shows there’s much more to the story.

This presentation will highlight a few components on the list and explain what they are, why they’re hard to get (hint: it has nothing to do with sanctions), where they might be found, and how it might be possible to find alternate components…

Joe FitzPatrick (@securelyfitz) is an Instructor and Researcher at Joe has spent most of his career working on low-level silicon debug, security validation, and penetration testing of CPUs, SoCs, and microcontrollers. He has spent the past decade developing and delivering hardware security related tools and training, instructing hundreds of security researchers, pen testers, and hardware validators worldwide. When not teaching Applied Physical Attacks training, Joe is busy developing new course content or working on contributions to the NSA Playset and other misdirected hardware projects, which he regularly presents at all sorts of fun conferences.