Adam Kozy

Such a PITTY: Outing Chinese APT Targeting Taiwan

Ever wanted to publicly out Chinese APT groups like IntrusionTruth, but suck at blogging? F*** IT, WE’LL DO IT LIVE! Come take part in a magical journey to publicly attribute Chinese APT groups who have targeted Taiwan. With Taiwan as a current flashpoint and next potential area of global conflict, exposing cyber threats to Taipei could prove critical in the years ahead. Together, we’ll use public cybersecurity reporting, some open source historical archive digging, and some analytic techniques to successfully attribute a known APT actor to Chinese intelligence right on stage.

Adam Kozy is founder of SinaCyber, a consulting firm specializing in Chinese cyber intelligence

Koz was responsible for building CrowdStrike Intelligence’s Asia Analysis Cell, and personally assisted in attributing over 20 APT groups to real-world cyber units and entities across China, DPRK, and Russia.

He is the author of the forthcoming book “Geeks, Spies & Criminals: How Chinese Intelligence is Hacking its Way to Hegemony.”